Multi Ultra - Switch It Up

Derrick Wesley (vocals), Nolan Brown (guitar, BGVs), Chris Bevacqua (bass), and Chrystian Kaplan (drums) make up Multi Ultra, an independent rock band located in Nashville, Tennessee (Drums). Multi Ultra is a multi-talented band that takes listeners on a captivating voyage of thoughts and feelings with each new release. They linked up with producer Tim Craven to record their newest string of hits at Nashville's famed Blackbird Studio, following in the footsteps of their influences (The Killers, Cage the Elephant, The Raconteurs, My Morning Jacket, and The Black Keys). 

This is their new single, called Switch It Up. The song is short and sweet, with a good pace, energetic drumming and punchy vocals. The chorus is really catchy and probably will get stuck in your head for a bit. The sound of the song is great with solid bass lines and fantastic guitars throughout the entire song. Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and don't forget to follow Multi Ultra on social media.


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