Whispering Tales - Zugzwang

Bringing together music and literature, Whispering Tales is a melodic metal band from Marseilles in southern France. Whispering Tales is a voyage where the words provide the narration and the music serves as the soundtrack.

The cornerstone of the band is telling stories while listening to orchestral rock metal songs.
Whispering Tales gives a theatre performance to tell their tales. The music and costumes are made to draw the audience into the themes of the albums.

This one above is their new single, called Zugzwang, almost 10 minutes long! The song is full of influences, from classic hard rock to power metal, to prog metal as well, with heavy orchestration, something like old Angra, if I have to mention one back on top of my mind. The vocals are clean but punchy and the performance of the band is amazing, as well as the general sound and the arrangement. Check out the piano part in the middle followed by a guitar solo, but the song is very interesting in its entirety. Give it a go by clicking on the YouTube player above.
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