Working Class Hussys - "White Lady"

Working Class Hussys is led by multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Ian Patrick Gentles, creating music that is uniquely their own by skillfully fusing soaring harmony vocals, crunchy guitars, and massive choruses. Gentles worked as an open-road trucker for a decade, thus he truly acquired an American accent. In order to produce outstanding unique songs about the life of common people, Working Class Hussys mix inspirations from the South, the Heartland, and Alt-Rock.

Their new single, called "White Lady", will be released on the first of July. The song has great vocals and punchy Americana vibes, with great electric guitars and an inspired piano in the background. The song is really enjoyable from start to finish and I totally recommend it. 

Follow Working Class Hussys on Spotify (player below!) and don't forget to listen to the track when released. 

Giovanni Gagliano

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