The Weird Outsiders - Exploring sounds

Instrumental, ambient, and post-rock band The Weird Outsiders explores sounds and the compositional process. The Weird Outsiders' self-titled debut long-player is a magnificent atmospheric voyage; a dream that transports the listener from reality to dreamland and back again using heavily distorted guitars and bewildering ambient soundscapes. 

When the lives of Ben Murphy, Pablo Jimenez-Moreno, and Waseem Albahri converged in Edinburgh in 2019, The Weird Outsiders were born. Their distinctive sound is the consequence of their multicultural combination.

The Weird Outsiders are comprised of Ricardo Nogueira from Porto, the punk drummer Alberto Merleti from Novara, and the Glasgow-based singer Andrew Bennet.

This is their new single, called Time ... is simply a series of yellow triangles being pushed apart by passing people, a very experimental and atmospherical track, 8 minutes long. Give it a go by clicking on the YouTube player below and don't forget to follow the band as well. You can listen to it through Spotify as well by clicking here.

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