Clay Fulton & The Lost Forty: "Little By Little"

Singer-songwriter Clay Fulton is from Rochester, Minnesota. 
It took a while before his first album, When Trouble Comes, was released. Before returning home to help operate the family restaurant business as a part owner, songs like "Walls Of St. Paul" and "When Trouble Comes" were penned while studying at McNally Smith College of Music in St. Paul, Minnesota. He found time to perform live music and write songs like "Down On Broadway," which describe the late nights that come after a long day of work and the winding down that follows, even though he was immersed in the business of running a restaurant.

This is his new single, called Little By Little. Give it a go by clicking on the YouTube player below (for the official video) and don't forget to follow Clay Fulton on social media as well. The song has a great sound and a contagious mood, also great vocals and it's very enjoyable from start to finish thanks to a very catchy chorus and a great performance by the band. 

Giovanni Gagliano

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