Onyria - No Obedience

By publishing rock versions of well-known classics from throughout the world, the Italian singer Elena Pinna and producer/guitarist Simon J. Gillman's alternative rock band Onyria first gained online recognition in 2012.

The band gradually changed from its early successful gothic rock recordings to alternative music, adopting rawer themes and a more simple style. Their current sound is authentic alternative rock/post-grunge, enhanced with dynamics and variety, with lyrics that display some sensitivity and social critique.

The band's current members are drummer Flo Magagnosc, bassist Valérian Fourmy, guitarist Simon J. Gillman, and singer Elena Pinna.

This is their new single, called No Obedience. The song starts with a rough riff, a dynamic rhythm section and clean but intense vocals by Elena, exploding in a catchy chorus, that probably will get stuck in your head for a bit. The bridge before the last chorus reveals the gothic past of the band. No obedience has a great sound and it's very well performed by the band. Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and don't forget to follow Onyria on social media.


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