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Looking for a new playlist? Curious to know what I'm listening to? Looking for new music, both from big or independent bands? You are in the right place. I hope you like them and you follow them

The first playlist is called Best of 2022, with a mix of famous/independent bands. Basically the songs I like the most during the current year. Updated daily.

This one is called New Hits and focuses on brand new tracks. It's a small playlist with fresh releases. The songs will rotate every week and they won't stay for more than 15-20 days (if I really like the song, you will find it on Best of 2022). Updated weekly.

Rock on! focuses on independent bands and it's Rock n' roll oriented. The quality is really high, listen to the first tracks to understand the mood and the quality of the playlist. Updated daily.

The last one is a different one, if you are looking for a different mood, more relaxed. It's a country/folk/Americana playlist and it's mainly composed of independent artists. The quality is really high and I listen to it a lot. Try it, if you like the vibes, you won't be disappointed. Updated daily.

This is simply called Given to rock and it's composed of lots of songs that I adore and that always give me goosebumps. I rarely update this.


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