The Sweet Kill - Satellite

THE SWEET KILL is a Post-Punk, Dark, and Gothic one-man band. Multi-instrumentalist and baritone Pete Mills leads a Darkwave masterpiece of romantic sorrow that echoes the melancholy of The Cure and Joy Division. It is propelled by chilly synths, atmospheric guitar, and melodic bass.

The cinematic debut was DARKNESS, which was made available on Shadow Zone Records (USA) and Young & Cold Records (both in Germany)

This is the new single, called Satellite. Give it a go by clicking on the YouTube player below and don't forget to follow THE SWEET KILL on social media. The video is amazingly made and the song has a great sound and a very deep interpretation by Pete, with intense vocals and a very catchy chorus. I also really like the atmosphere of the song and I love the bass line too. The song is really intense but also very radio-friendly too, absolutely recommended.


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