5 amazing Iron Maiden songs that you (probably) don't know.

Everyone is familiar with Iron Maiden's top hits (The trooper, Fear of the dark, The number of the beast, Hallowed be thy name, Iron Maiden, Powerslave and so on), but what about songs that are not in any album? As written in the title, here are 5 songs by Iron Maiden that you probably don't know.

Reach out (1986) 

Reach Out is the B-Side of the "Wasted Years" single (we were talking about top hits, here is another one). The song is mainly sung by Adrian Smith, and his voice is absolutely perfect for the song (Bruce Dickinson is wonderful at backing vocals in the chorus!). Give it a go, this is probably my favourite one on this list.

Sheriff Of Huddersfield (1986)

This is a funny one, again, another B-Side of the "Wasted Years" single. It's basically the band making fun of their manager Rod Smallwood (from Huddersfield) apparently a little tight with money. The song is absolutely hilarious, listen to Bruce Dickinson's impression at the end of the song.

Doctor Doctor (1995)

Another B-Side, this time from the Blaze Bayley era, specifically of the "Lord Of The Flies" single (an underrated song, in my opinion). Of course this is not an Iron Maiden song, but this is a UFO one which is also the intro of hundreds of concerts by the band (if you saw the band live you know it for sure). Well, of course, the original is always the original but the Blaze's performance here is absolutely spot on and if you don't know this version, you should give it a go. It fits perfectly with the band because it's one of the biggest inspirations by the mastermind Steve Harris.

Invasion (1980)

Do you remember when Iron Maiden were contaminated with punk? Here is Invasion, taken from Women In Uniform single (another one that probably should be in this chart). Brilliant musical background with an in-your-face performance from Paul Di'Anno.

Burning Ambition (1980)

From the same era and background, here is the B-side of the single Running Free (another hit by the band, played a million times live). The guitar melody of Burning Ambition is a throwback to composer Steve Harris’ well-documented admiration for Wishbone Ash.

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