5 amazing Mr. Big songs you (probably) don't know.

Well, you surely know Mr. Big. The band comprised of Eric Martin, Billy Sheehan, Paul Gilbert and Pat Torpey (R.I.P.) has lots of well-known hits like Addicted to that rush, Colorado bulldog, or even more ballads like Just take my heart, To be with you (see screenshot above) and of course, Cat Stevens cover Wild World, but if you don't know the band in depth, probably you have missed these 5 songs that are among my favourites by the band. Let's get started!

Where are they now (from "The best of the ballads")
This compilation was released during the Richie Kotzen era and one of the "previously unreleased" songs was Where Are They Now?” which is a very cool song with a great chorus. I never get tired of listening to this. By the way, the compilation itself is very interesting as lots of songs are re-recorded with Richie.

Stay Together (from "Big, Bigger, Biggest")
Another "previously unreleased" from another compilation. 
This is one I always enjoy listening to, with a classic Mr. Big chorus, "Stay together" it's the last track of "Big, Bigger, Biggest!" (there are two more unreleased tracks on this one, FYI).

Around the world (from "What if...")
Taken from the first (and totally underrated, in my opinion) album after the reunion with Paul Gilbert, What if, this is one of the songs that I will never get tired of. I love its pace and I was lucky I heard it live too. Definitely on my band's top 10 all-time.

The monster in me (from "...The stories we could tell")
Same as the one above: if you stopped following the band after the golden era you may have missed this song with a killer riff and a great - different than usual -chorus. 

Take cover (from "Hey man")
Well, probably you know this one as it's in their famous album "Hey man", but I like it so much that I don't want to take a chance that you forgot/ignored this one. It's a very simple song BUT with such a super classy arrangement and performance. The main riff and the drumming, especially, make this song special one of my favourites by the band. 
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