Chris Powers - Southbound/Back on my feet

Chris Powers is an American musician from New Hampshire who also writes songs and performs live as a one-man band. He performs live all over five to seven nights a week and his style ranges from hard rock to country rock.

Southbound is a song I really like for its pure Hard rock spirit mixed with a Country/Americana vibe. The guitars are inspired (great solos) and the vocals are robust but melodic and catchy, especially during the chorus. Also, the production is perfect. Push play and enjoy the song. 
This is his second single from his album, called Back on my feet. The one is classic Hard rock (without Country vibes, this time). The guitar sound and the performance are spot on (again, check out the solo toward the end of the song) and the song, to my ears, is a classic hard rock tune from the 80s but with a contemporary style. Something in between Bon Jovi and Alter bridge, if I have to pick up two famous names. 

Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and don't forget to follow Chris Powers as well.

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