H.E.A.T - 'Force Majeure' Review

The new album from Swedish Hard Rock Kings H.E.A.T, titled "Force Majeure," is the work of a group at the height of their powers. 

Kenny Leckremo, the band's original lead singer, is back and ready to take everyone on a fast-paced, energizing voyage through H.E.A.T. city. The past two years have likely been characterized for the majority of people by the "force majeure" that gives H.E.A.T.'s album its title.

I'm not a big fan of the band, but I decided to push play on the album and I was blown away by the vigour of the opener Back to the Rhythm, catchy, inspired and played with intensity, which is the leitmotif of this album. Definitely a great start. Among the other tracks, the high tempo "Nationwide", "Tainted blood" (Europe inspired, but not the only one) with impressive and robust vocals, the single "Hollywood" with a chorus perfect for concerts, the catchy "Not for sale" and "Hold your fire", and, a little different from the rest, "Paramount" that every time starts leaves me a little "meh", but I in the second part of the song I always find myself moving my head. 

My favourite track on the album is probably "Demon eyes": I love the riffing, the harmonized solo in the middle and the pace, basically a Heavy metal song, something that could have been in the Dio catalogue. The album ends with a mid-tempo, "Wings Of An Aeroplane" that leaves me with the taste of "I want more", which is something that I often miss nowadays.

The formula is also perfect with its 11 tracks for 42 minutes, all inspired and without anything that needs to be skipped, with amazing production and excellent vocal performance, absolutely spot on. 'Force Majeure' is one of the best albums of this year so far, in my opinion. 

Rating 77/100
Top tracks: Back To The Rhythm, Demon Eyes, Wings Of An Aeroplane.

1. Back To The Rhythm
2. Nationwide
3. Tainted Blood
4. Hollywood
5. Harder To Breathe
6. Not For Sale
7. One Of Us
8. Hold Your Fire
9. Paramount
10. Demon Eyes
11. Wings Of An Aeroplane

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