Motherland - Ocean Drive

Alternative rock five piece Motherland are based in the north east and combine a range of sounds and styles — "we are unapologetically loud and bring a breath of fresh air to the alternative rock/ indie scene. We're all seasoned musicians, sharpening our tools through years of hard work, commitment and touring. We feel that all of this has resulted in our highly polished and impactful sound, not only through the powerful roar of our instruments, but also our sullenly melancholic yet relatable lyrical themes."

This is their new single called Ocean Drive. They said about the song: "'Ocean Drive' is a complete and total summer-time anthem, with lyrics describing the euphoria of love wherein the narrator is completely giving their self to someone, and that actually being a pretty daunting and vulnerable act. Compared to our other singles 'Ocean Drive' definitely has a stronger pop-rock influence, we've been told in the past we have a nostalgic sound that is fresh but familiar and I'd like to say we really bring that exact feeling with this track. The sound really developed in the studio with collaborative input from George Collings at In Heart Studios (based in Newcastle) who helped and encouraged us to bring the track to the next level."

Have a look at the video below, extremely well made. About the song, what I really like is the vibes combined with a great sound and great performance by the band. Click on the video below!

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