Muse - Will of the People

Muse are back with their brand new album, called Will of the people
I have a love/hate relationship with the band of Matt Bellamy & Co. There are songs that I literally ADORE from their catalogue and other songs that I can't stand. I love their rock soul and when they go full-on, on the other hand when they go too pop, disco or experimental, they are just not for me. For this reason, I think that their previous album Simulation Theory is their weakest link in the discography, while I'm a big fan of lots the first part of their career (especially Absolution, my favourite by the band).

Four singles before the release of this new album, all very different and showing (unfortunately) the different souls of the band: Will of the People, Compliance, Won’t Stand Down and Kill or Be Killed. The first 2 are more in line with the recent discography, the last two more on the rock side (Kill or be killed, in particular, recorded with other sounds could have been their heaviest song). 

The album is more or less like this: songs that I really enjoy and others that probably I will never listen to again in my life (Verona, Compliance, the title track, which reminds me of The beautiful people by Marilyn Manson). The last track of the album (see video below) is a little weird and overall I find it interesting despite being a little childish (have a listen and you will understand), while Ghosts (How Can I Move On) is a typical Muse ballad, that I really enjoyed. I really love the natural sound of Matt Bellamy's voice and when the band go easy with the production. Speaking of which, I would really like songs like You Make Me Feel Like It’s Halloween and Euphoria if produced with other sounds and not in a disco/pop version. 

Will of the people is in the middle between the new production of the band and the old catalogue. Definitely better than their last chapter, in my opinion (at least there are 4 or 5 songs that I enjoyed), but far from what the band was in the past. 

Rating 64/100
Top tracks: Won't stand down, Kill or Be Killed, Ghosts (How Can I Move On).
Skip tracks: Compliance, Verona.

Will Of The People Album Tracklisting:

1. Will of the People
2. Compliance
3. Liberation
4. Won’t Stand Down
5. Ghosts (How Can I Move On)
6. You Make Me Feel Like It’s Halloween
7. Kill or Be Killed
8. Verona
9. Euphoria
10. We Are Fucking Fucked

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