The Bourbon Brothers

The original members of The Bourbon Brothers, Lance Leazer and Brendan John Pugh, first collaborated on songs as members of the US Marine Corps. They were chosen as semi-finalists in the 2020 International Songwriting Competition for their song "Burning Out Moonlight." The band, which now includes Logan Enderle, Nick Murphy, and Rich Shepard as well, has already begun to gain recognition in Central Florida. The band's first release, "Southern Soul & Rock N' Roll," moves away from country music and toward a more contemporary Southern Rock sound.

Country line road starts with a pure southern rock riff and inspired drum patterns. I really the mood and the dynamic of the song, with a super catchy chorus (reminding me of Def Leppard) and a great sound. Give it a go on the Spotify player below.
Slow Ride Vibes has more relaxed vibes compared to the previous song but the gain is still totally present in the guitars and the mood is still pure rock. The vocals are great, as well as the arrangement and, again, a very catchy chorus (and a great guitar solo too!). Push play!

Sweet Mary is another very cool track with, again, a very catchy chorus (sorry to keep repeating that but it's a trademark of the band), a perfect production, inspired vocals/lyrics and a spot-on performance by the band (I really like the bass lines on this one, apart from the usual great guitar solo). Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and don't forget to follow The Bourbon Brothers on social media as well.

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