EUROPE - Hold Your Head Up (Official Video)

The Marigolds - My Undoing

The Marigolds are a Liverpool-based punk band. When given the chance, they dance themselves to death while fiercely expressing their fears and finding strength in their sensitivities. The band produces a fierce joy of noise that combines strong punk, psychedelic, industrial, and funk influences into an aggressive performance that is blisteringly active. A fan base for the band immediately developed in the city as a result of their energetic live performances and raw live sound.

This is their new single, called My Undoing, starting with pure and raw energy: powerful drums very inspired guitar riffs, pure Rock n roll style (reminding me of an angry Slash). The vocals are filtered during the verses and they open up during the chorus, very catchy and memorable. Another thing I really like about the song is the very dynamic rhythm section, technically perfect and with a lot of taste too. I totally recommend the song, give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and don't forget to follow The Marigolds on social media.