The Sextape - Queen of the Fools

Two Russian musicians who were forced to leave their country because of their political beliefs make up the independent rock trio The Sextape, together with a Turkish drummer who joined them in Istanbul.

Before they even released their first song, the band, which was originally founded in Moscow, began to perform live in clubs and at music festivals like «Russian Woodstock» and DIY fest with five other bands, drawing over a hundred fans to each of the locations.

The band drew inspiration from the delta blues, garage music, and stoner rock while creating their debut album. They were able to create an honest recording by performing in the old-fashioned manner, without a metronome, and face to face.

This is their new single, called Queen of the Fools. The song has a contagious riff, a very dynamic rhythm section and very good vocals, relaxed but very incisive. The performance of the band is great (have a listen to the small solo section before the last chorus), the chorus is catchy and the production is absolutely spot on. Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and don't forget to follow The Sextape on social media as well.


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