Altuz - Breathe Out/I love my life

Long Island, New York-based musician Altuz tells his emotional tales with ferocious lyrics and explosive delivery. His albums deal with serious issues including his father's passing, his mother's declining mental health, and the ongoing challenges of repaying college loans. His music ranges from hip-hop to country to acoustic rock and, most recently, metal. Altuz's music crosses many genres, but his core ideas of rawness, vulnerability, and humility remain constant.

This one below is called "Breathe out"
Altuz wrote about the song: "Originally wrote as a suicide note, "Breathe Out" is a dark, introspective rock track telling the experience of desperately wanting to die. It's a cut off the newly released "Anger", a 7 track cathartic album portraying the experience of overcoming trauma and personal crisis.

The song is obviously very melancholy and it brings me back to some grunge stuff from the 90s. The vocals are very intense and the song is very captivating. Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below.

Different message and mood for I love my life which is "an introspective, hopeful rock song about the cathartic realization that life is worth living." The vocals and the lyrics are brighter and the song shines thanks also to a very good arrangement. The chorus is very catchy and it's very well performed by Altuz. Give it a go and don't forget to follow the artist on social media as well.

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