Club Panther Claw - Boys 'n' Girls


Luke Leaf is the voice, synth, and sampler for Club Panther Claw. Bass is played by Tom Maxwell on guitar and Reuben Pearce on drums/vocals. The driving basslines and beats of dance music are combined with the vigour and grit of post-punk to create a live three-piece wall of sound.

The Belgian swagger of Soulwax and LCD Soundsystem's New Rave Sound served as inspiration for Panther Claw, who stand out in the emerging music scene as distinctive and innovative. Panther Claw seem prepared to take a shot at the future of the New Zealand music scene with a live set full of catchy crowd-pleasers.

This is their new single, called Boys 'n' Girls. The song starts with a catchy guitar riff and with an inspired rhythm section, very dynamic. The vocals and the mood of the song bring me immediately to Josh Homme and his creature Queens of the stone age, so if you are a fan of the band, clicking play on the Spotify player is absolutely recommended. The song is amazingly produced and performed, you won't regret it.


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