Doll Riot - Get a Life

San Diego's fierce feminine foursome are back with their brand new punk single, "Get A Life," out on September 2nd, following the success of their debut self-titled EP. The name itself contains the key to understanding the tone and attitude of this new release. The music is ruthless, harsh, and directed directly at anyone who gets in their way.

Elena Olszak (vocals), Ella Sauer (guitar), and London Kraus (bass) met while they were in high school and bonded over their common admiration for some of the most well-known female rock troubadours of the 1990s, including L7 and No Doubt. Before joining forces with explosive drummer Lillee Gillum and starting to compose their own music, they started by covering the classic songs of their idols.

Doll Riot have been honing their sound over the past few years while generating a lot of noise in the San Diego punk scene and earning a reputation for their exhilarating live performances. They draw influence from other angst-filled, socially conscious female garage/rock groups like Destroy Boys and channel the most authentic, frank, and real representations of American adolescence through a loud garage rock sound.

This is their new single, called Get a Life, a pure no-frills punk song with an energetic performance by the band. I really like the general sound (the guitar!) and the attitude of the band. The highlight is probably the super catchy chorus, but I love in particular the part in the middle of the song, with a powerful and very technical drums/bass section. Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and don't forget to follow Doll Riot on social media.
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