Gust4vo MAc3do - BURN HIM DOWN

Gust4vo MAc3do, a rock/metal singer and multi-instrumentalist who determined his first release would be a political statement, releases his first single as a solo artist with this one. He slams the administration and Brazil's newly elected president, Jair Bolsonaro, in the song. In order to prevent the president from serving a second term, "Burn Him Down" is a call to arms and a justification for the 2022 elections. Although there is a clear criticism, the message is meant to be inclusive, holding all public figures responsible even if they behave in opposition to the advancement of Brazilian society. This song reassures listeners that the people hold the power.

Enjoy the very well made video and the song BURN HIM DOWN which has a great sound and a great performance by Gust4vo MAc3do on vocals, with a very catchy chorus and instrumentally impeccable as well (check the instrumental break in the second part of the song). 

Push play on the YouTube video below!

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