Lines In The Sky - Abysmal Situations

Lines In The Sky, an alternative progressive rock band from Nashville, have released their newest single, "Abysmal Situations." Siblings Jesse and Bowman Brock, who play guitar/lead vocals and drums, respectively, are included. Together with bassist Nick Mills, they rekindle Lines In The Sky's earlier progressive rock endeavours by fusing heavy alternative active rock elements. The band had the pleasure of playing Skillet's direct support role at the important American music festival Summerfest in Milwaukee.

What I like about Abysmal Situations is the groove and the spotless performance by the band: a very dynamic, skilled and precise rhythm section, great guitar riffs and very inspired vocals with some catchy lines as well. The production is great as well, giving the right sound to every instrument and the right punch to the song. Give it a go on the YouTube player above and don't forget to follow Lines In The Sky as well.

Giovanni Gagliano

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