Live report - Taylor Hawkins tribute show - Wembley Stadium, London, 03/09/2022

The feeling, at the end of the Taylor Hawkins tribute show, is that I took part in something huge, the same feeling I've got after watching on TV the Freddie Mercury tribute - same stadium, exactly 30 years ago, as mentioned by Brian May during his "Love of my life" performance. 

Well, to tell you all about the 6 hours concert I would probably need 2 weeks time and in the end, it would not even make sense as the show was broadcasted everywhere, even on YouTube, so it would probably make more sense to tell you about my feelings and I what I liked the most, rather than listing every second of the night. Of course it was all quality music and the guest list was stunning, with some extra compared to the original bill (especially Paul McCartney singing "Helter skelter"!) but someone missing (Krist Novoselic, where were you?!?!).

I really like the very beginning of the concert, Liam Gallagher singing with the Foo Fighters on two Oasis' hits like "Rock n' roll star" and "Live Forever", all the moments with Justin Hawkins (from The Darkness), who sang songs from the Coattail riders (Taylor's side project) to Queen (later on) and especially the Van Halen set with Eddie's son Wolfgang on guitar (when he was smiling he reminded me a lot his father!) playing "I'm on fire" and then my favourite song by the band, "Hot for teachers". The Violet Grohl (Dave's daughter) performs with the dad a very good version of "Grace", by Jeff Buckley, the strange duo Lars Ulrich/Bryan Johnson performs "Back in black" and "Let there be rock" and Josh Homme grandpa version singing David Bowie, Steward Copeland playing some The Police classics like he was 30 years old (wow) first with Dave (not a great idea let him sing "Next to you", in my opinion) and then Supergrass' singer helping him for "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic" (way better, the band performed a good solo set too).

Another great moment was with Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson (Rush), playing "Working man" with an extraordinary Dave Grohl on drums and then "YYZ" with Hakim (I missed a lot Neil Peart in that one, great technical performance but the song was missing pace, in my opinion). Of course the unmissable Queen moment (really good friends of Taylor) with Roger Taylor singing, among other hits, the probably unexpected I'm in love with my car, song that I often put on.

The last part of the show was basically Foo Fighters auditioning for their next drummer. They played "All My Life" with Josh Freese (former Nine inch nails, my favourite drummer of the night. If they continue with him I would be extremely happy), the combo "The Pretender" and "Monkey wrench" with the amazing Travis Barker (stunning small solo at the end of his set), and "Learn to Fly" with internet sensation Nandi Bushell (great performance but I would have put her before two "animals" like Josh and Travis, not after). 

After opening with an emotional rendition of "Times Like These" during which Grohl struggled to stop sobbing, Rufus Taylor was also invited back to perform "These Days" (in a slightly different version) and "Best of You" with them. I've been following Rufus since he was a kid playing with his dad Roger and I am pleasantly surprised about his progress and the drummer he has become. In those two songs, he played amazingly, with power, attitude and precision. I would not be surprised if Dave would ask him to join the band (even if he currently plays with The Darkness. Sorry, Justin). 

The very last part of the show features "Aurora" with Hakim, "My Hero" with Taylor Hawkins' son Shane (a stunning performance as he played the song exactly in his father's style), and the usual solo version of "Everlong" before wrapping up the evening. Dave Grohl managed to arrange a night that probably we will remember forever. Thank you, Dave and thank you, Taylor Hawkins for your music and talent.


FOO FIGHTERS with Liam Gallagher
01. Rock 'N' Roll Star (OASIS)
02. Live Forever (OASIS)

Nile Rodgers, Chris Chaney and Omar Hakim
03. Let's Dance (Davie Bowie cover featuring Josh Homme)
04. Modern Love (David Bowie cover featuring Gaz Coombes)

05. Psycho Killer (TALKING HEADS)
06. Children Of The Revolution (T. REX cover feat. Kesha)

Justin Hawkins, Josh Freese and THE COATTAIL RIDERS
07. Louise
08. Range Rover Bitch
09. It's Over

Wolfgang Van Halen, Dave Grohl, Justin Hawkins and Josh Freese
10. On Fire (VAN HALEN)
11. Hot For Teacher (VAN HALEN)

Violet Grohl, Dave Grohl, Alain Johannes, Chris Chaney, Greg Kurstin and Jason Falkner
12. Last Goodbye (Jeff Buckley)
13. Grace (Jeff Buckley)

14. Richard III
15. Alright
16. Caught By The Fuzz

17. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (Elton John)
18. Gunman
19. Long Slow Goodbye

PRETENDERS Featuring Dave Grohl on bass.
20. Precious
21. Tattooed Love Boys
22. Brass In Pocket

23. Walk Away
24. The Bomber: Closet Queen / Bolero / Cast Your Fate To The Wind
25. Funk #49 (feat. Dave Grohl)

Violet Grohl, Mark Ronson, Chris Chaney and Jason Falkner
26. Valerie (THE ZUTONS cover)

Brian Johnson, Lars Ulrich and FOO FIGHTERS
27. Back In Black
28. Let There Be Rock

Stewart Copeland and FOO FIGHTERS
29. Next To You
30. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic

Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson 
31. 2112 Part 1: Overture (RUSH, Dave Grohl on drums)
32. Working Man (RUSH, Dave Grohl on drums)
33. YYZ (RUSH, Omar Hakim on drums)

Brian May, Roger Taylor, Rufus Taylor and FOO FIGHTERS
34. We Will Rock You (featuring Luke Spiller)
35. I'm In Love With My Car
36. Under Pressure (featuring Justin Hawkins)
37. Somebody To Love (featuring Sam Ryder)
38. Love Of My Life

39. Times Like These (featuring Josh Freese)
40. All My Life (featuring Josh Freese)
41. The Pretender (featuring Travis Barker)
42. Monkey Wrench (featuring Travis Barker)
43. Learn To Fly (featuring Nandi Bushell)
44. These Days (featuring Rufus Taylor)
45. Best Of You (featuring Rufus Taylor)

Paul McCartney, Chrissie Hynde, Dave Grohl, Omar Hakim and Pat Smear
46. Oh! Darling
47. Helter Skelter

48. Aurora (feat. Omar Hakim)
49. My Hero (featuring Shane Hawkins)
50. Everlong (acoustic version)
Giovanni Gagliano

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