Patient Lounge - Hard Truth

Brisbane's Patient Lounge brilliantly combine cutting-edge instruments, commanding vocals, and passionate energy to deliver a riveting fusion of several musical forms that puts a new perspective on Progressive Rock music. Along with other accomplishments, the band supported internationally renowned artists Wolfmother, COG, and Disentomb at Dead of Winter Festival and The Other Festival in addition to touring Australia's East Coast in 2019 with their debut single, "All You Want," placing #41 in 4ZZZ's Hot 100, and more. Patient Lounge had a successful 2020 despite issues with COVID-19, selling out the launch of their third song, "Places," and participating in the global music showcase BIGSOUND 2020.

This is their new single, called Hard Truth. The song starts with a catchy guitar riff where we can immediately notice the quality of the production. The performance of the band is also spot on with clean (and catchy) but energetic vocals and a robust and inspired rhythm section and quality guitars (check out the solo!). Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and don't forget to follow Patient Lounge on social media as well.
Giovanni Gagliano

Passionate about music I wrote my first article for "Given To Rock" in 2012, reaching now 30K global followers. I am also a musician, gigging around London.

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