The Fallen Electric - Circles

The Fallen Electric is a rock band that was initially formed in 2012. Jimmy Ganzer, a founding member, rapidly discovered that reshaping the Inland Empire music scene in Southern California with bassist Drew Barber and a rotating cast of drummers was no simple task. As they were given more time on stage, they started out by playing covers of their favourite '90s songs and gradually started introducing more original music into their act.

Late in 2016, Joe Carrillo, who plays lead guitar and sings, was added to the roster to enhance the sound. In 2018, they released their 12-song demo CD Never Seen the World, and with drummer Richard Argumosa, they soon found some consistency. Together, they produced the 2019 singles Listen and Only You I See, the 2020 re-releases of their hit hits Never Seen The World and Midnight Drive, and the upcoming 2021 tracks Move To The Sound and Circles.

Jimmy, Drew, and Joe now have a permanent drummer in Charles Weetly, and they take on a post-pandemic world that is eager for new music. The boys hope to blend this well-known energy with the new scene by drawing on their grunge/alt-rock influences. Their passion for both well-known and lesser-known rock artists from all eras is palpable.

This is their new single, called Circles. The song starts with a catchy riff and intense drumming. The bass lines are tasty and inspired and the vocals are catchy and intense, even if clean. The production is absolutely spot on and I really enjoyed the performance (check out also the guitar solo at the end of the song) and the song in its entirety. Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and don't forget to follow The Fallen Electric on social media.
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