Todd Michael Chapman - Jodi's Pain

Todd Michael Chapman is a melodic rock musician who was born and reared in Western New York and is influenced by the rust belt. Around the age of seven, his aunt gave him his first guitar. His bass-playing cousin taught him his first chords, and when he was in his early teens, he started writing songs. At the age of 17, Todd began performing in clubs in and around Buffalo, New York, while singing his way through high school. He abandoned music in his mid-20s to concentrate on starting a family and pursuing a career in technology. While travelling, he took up a harmonica to satisfy his musical desire. He acquired a love for blues and country music through the harmonica, adding to his origins in melodic rock.

Todd wrote about his new song: "Jodi's Pain" is a powerful, brooding, and climactic rock ballad which tells the story of escape from a troubled relationship." 
I really enjoyed the mood and the simplicity of the arrangement, bringing me straight to the 90s. It's a pure Rock style ballad with inspired vocals and, great production (I love the sound of the drums/guitars!) and also with a strong chorus, absolutely catchy and memorable. Check out also the guitar solo, magnifically performed, closing the song. 

Give the song a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and don't forget to follow Todd Michael Chapman on social media.
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