CHERRYBEATS - Kill your gods

In 2005, CHERRYBEATS emerged from the ashes of a Nirvana tribute band and developed into a ferocious dirtrock monster that promotes the band's motto: DIRTY & LOUD. This may be the last big adventure in a desert beaten down by the winds of popular culture. Cherrybeats also provides a show full of intoxicated hysteria that is the equivalent of a black marker surrounding the crazy of today's existence.

This is their new single, called Kill your gods. What I like about the song is the grunge mood and also the 90s atmosphere. I love the sound in the chorus with guitars like razors and very energetic (and amazingly performed) vocals. I also like the simplicity of the arrangement and the performance of the band, no frills and straightforward but technically skilled as well. If you miss the 90s (like me) you will like this one! 

Give it a go by clicking on the YouTube player (the video is very well made too!) below and don't forget to follow CHERRYBEATS on social media.
Giovanni Gagliano

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