By Enrico Spinelli

My relationship with the Editors was born and developed within a few months in that 2019 when I saw them performing at Firenze Rocks before The Cure: I had collected and listened to their 6 studio albums and still today I really appreciate the first 4, a beautiful rock with some pop and now electronic influences ("Papillon" is among my absolute top). Unfortunately, the latest releases of the band, however nice, marked a stylistic shift too marked towards the latest Coldplay, with an excessive lightening of the sound. 

Here they are back after a celebratory collection, "Black Gold", with a work that marks a further change of direction. Let's say that the unpublished "Frankenstein" present in the above collection provided more than a clue about what the Editors' proposal would have been, more and more purified of the canonical rock elements in favour of an electronic drift, at times bordering on dance. The good news is undoubtedly a weighting of the sound and the almost complete abandonment of the Coldplay atmosphere, but those who expected something in the wake of the first works must change their mind immediately. So what? Is it bad, boring, or shoddy? No!

I'll be honest, after the initial disturbance the opener "Heart Attack" (perfect as a title!) Turns out to be a pleasant piece and so also the following "Picturesque", "Karma Climb" and so on, a series of rock songs that have little or nothing but stand out for their energy and immediacy. I confess that pieces like "Kiss" and "Strawberry Lemonade" are really good and the minimalism of the ballad "The Silence" is almost touching. There is not a subdued piece and the whole album flows rather pleasantly, even if perhaps a scissoring of the various tails of the pieces would have greatly benefited the fluidity of listening.

Not my daily bread and not the best if I think of that name on the cover, but undoubtedly a good record capable of giving a good dose of fun. I don't like giving marks but taking an average of the various considerations I think I would see an honest 6.5, nothing more but certainly nothing less.

Giovanni Gagliano

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