Jacob Vanko - Something's Gotta Break

Jacob Vanko
was born and raised in the Anthracite Coal Region of the Northeast. In his 20s, Jacob was beginning to find success as a songwriter. His life up to this point had been spent migrating from Pennsylvania to land in Southeast Virginia, and it had presented a peculiar view of the world. His writing had a strong tone due to his social observations, the ugly nature of inner conflict, searching, and questioning. A poetic, Americana songwriter with a ferocious live stage presence has been created by the early seeds of classic blues, folk, country, and bluegrass colliding with the loud sounds of grunge and rock influences. In November 2021, Winding Way Records, LLC signed Jacob Vanko. The Only Virtue is his new label's first track to be released.

This is his new single, called Something's Gotta Break. The song starts with a classy guitar solo and with a classic blues atmosphere. The vocals are very intense and overall amazingly performed, and the production is also spot-on, with a classy arrangement as well (I really like the acoustic touch in the background). If you are into blues rock, you will definitely love this one. The song is full of pathos and inspired guitar solos, give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and don't forget to follow Jacob Vanko on social media as well.

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