Noon Shift - Nothing Here To Prove

Noon Shift is an Alternative Rock band from Sydney's Western Suburbs, formed in 2014 after meeting in high school. Nick Lowe (guitar/vocals), Will Abbott (drums), and Tchai De Amorim (bass) make up the current line-up.

Noon Shift launched their debut EP "Fuse" to the world in their senior year of high school, containing the single "Save Me," which has received over 180,00 listens to date. Since then, The Harbour Agency, Live Nation, and John Zucco of The Right Profile have taken notice of their recorded music and live performances. In 2021, Noon Shift published its second self-produced EP, "Worth Its Cost in Time," and went on a tour across NSW, where they played to sold-out crowds and gained a lot of new fans. 

Nothing Here To Prove is the name of their new single, after we've seen together their previous new singles "Do it all again" and "I don't know you at all". What I like about Nothing Here To Prove is the pace and the mood, very energetic, with a great guitar riff, a dynamic and precise rhythm section and very inspired vocals, it reminded of something that could be in the Alter Bridge catalogue. The song is also very catchy (great chorus!) and it's amazingly performed and produced. This is a great song, give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and don't forget to follow Noon Shift on social media as well.
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