SaffeK - Mad (Live at Wunderbar)

Since 2015, SaffeK has been bringing Oren Amitai's vibrant, earth-shaking Alternative Hard Rock music to life. This music centres on the wonder and suffering of being in the peculiar state of "being," and it is composed by Oren Amitai. The songs feature a strong rhythm section, and raw, scorching vocals. The band creates a rich wall of sound.

Several well-known Israeli events, including SoLow and Yearot Menashe Festival, have included SaffeK's music. They have taken part in exhibitions like the Synthesizer Showcase and the Haifa Music Showcase. published in foreign newspapers, blogs, and radio. SaffeK will release a new L.P. and tour Europe in the upcoming year. 

This is their new single, called Mad (Live at Wunderbar). The song starts with the chorus sung by the audience at the Wunderbar. What I like about the song is the spotless live performance by the band, the energy, the riffing, the sound, the audience totally involved... exactly every ingredient for a perfect live song. If you are not a fan of the live environment (you should!) you can listen to this song in his (also fantastic) studio version by clicking here

Enjoy "Mad" live by clicking on the Spotify player below and don't forget to follow the band on social media as well.


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