The Buffet - Dave's Used Cars

Stories about baked beans, used vehicles, and sex. Introducing The Buffet Anxiety Project, also known as The Buffet, a punk, grunge, and garage rock band from Burton upon Trent, England, the home of brewing.

When Dave House (vocals, guitars), and Bez Berry (bass), met while attending university, The Buffet was born. Then came loud riffs and partying.Andi Jepson (drums) and Rich Enion are members of the most recent lineup (vox and lead guitars). The band has appearances at Silverstone's F1 race and on BBC radio. 

This is their new single, called Dave's Used Cars. The song has old punk vibes, energetic vocals and it's got a great sound as well. The rhythm section is vibrant and the guitars are very inspired, the song is no frills and is very enjoyable from start to finish. Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and don't forget to follow the band on social media.


Giovanni Gagliano

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