Trauma Cat - White Jesus

Trauma Cat is a post-industrial power trio from Syracuse, New York, comprised of Ralph Kojig (guitar and vocals), Roman Pando (bass and vocals), and Rutger DiBoyere (drums).

Despite the fact that critics debate the band's genuine origins and the meaning of their existence, Trauma Cat is commonly regarded as the inventors of "cuck rock," an amorphous genre of music characterised by constant apologies and shameless cross-genre plagiarism. Trauma Cat's sound has been described as "uncomfortable art rock," and its ideologies as "alt-wrong."

This is their new single, called White Jesus. What I like about the song is the contagious groove and pace, the vocals are absolutely catchy and the overall sound is amazing, as well as the performance of the guys, with great guitars (check the guitar solo!) and a very inspired rhythm section. I find the song also very peculiar and original, which is always great (and kind of rare). Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below (lyrics following) and don't forget to follow Trauma Cat on social media as well.


White Jesus lyrics:
(Hey, hey, White Jesus)
White as the snow
Whiter than the whitest Colombian blow
(Hey, hey, White Jesus)
Gonna save us, I know, know, know
(Hey, hey, White Jesus)
The whites of your eyes
Whiter than a great white shark's underside
(Hey, hey, White Jesus)
Gonna make it alright, right, yeah
Mark my words: This diamond came from coal
You will reap the harvest that you sow
And we believers will say "I told you so"
All this ash will be reborn as gold

(White Jesus)
White as a cloud
Whiter than the white noise that deafens me now
(Hey, hey, White Jesus)
We're going deep underground, round, yeah
(Hey, hey, White Jesus)
The white of your teeth
Could hypnotize a heathen into belief
(Hey, hey, White Jesus)
Oh, you're such a relief, yeah, yeah
Giovanni Gagliano

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