Troubadour - Your Shine, So Bright (Official Video)

Troubadour is a German band who has released this beautiful track called Your Shine, So Bright. The band is comprised of Jan Bergmann, Andreas Sonntag, Oliver Szafranek and Zadok Speckmann.

I like many things about Your Shine, So Bright (click on the official video above): the mood, the pace, the production (the guitars are fantastic, but the general sound is spot on), the vibrant vocals and the very solid rhythm section. Also, the video is very well made in its simplicity and it's very enjoyable from start to finish. Great song, great sound and great performance, give it a go and don't forget to follow Troubadour as well trough social media.

Troubadour on IG : 
Troubadour on Spotify :
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