Interview - Broken wings

- Hi and welcome to this interview. Tell us about your latest release.
Hello and thank you for the interview! Our first album was released in June 2022. We had a good impact on the audience and also positive feedback. We can say that we are satisfied and indeed, even surprised by the excellent reaction of the listeners. There was an immediate interest starting from the first single "Devil Jane" thanks also to the video that we were really happy to make.

- How would you describe your sound?

Ours sound is energetic, at times old style, and at times innovative. We tried to recreate the live environment to make it as real as possible and I think that comes off the record. We like a direct and impactful sound, just like when we play live. In general, hard rock straight to the heart!

- What do you write about?

We did not follow precise rules for the making of this record. It all started spontaneously. We write about what surrounds us, about what we live, about who we know. Situations, characters, real emotions. In particular, in every song there is always a sort of revenge, a getting up after a fall, the strength of the passion for music and friendship.

- What do you listen to when you are home?
What do we listen to at home? Well, I would say not only at home, in the car, at work, always and wherever music happens we can only take it with us. Some of the band are a little more fond of classic hard rock and heavy, while others range more without precluding any particular genre and open to everything. Generally I would say that the whole band has a hard rock heart but the soul in the songs can be of completely different genres and artists.

- Your favourite live performance so far?
Difficult question because every live performance this year was truly unique! If we really have to choose one, surely the release party for which we have chosen a historic location as a meeting point for musicians in our area, "the black stuff" a pub where we have always had great memories and where several important musicians have played. It was an exciting live both because it was the first presentation of the complete album, and because we shared the stage with many friends and with a really warm audience that really actively participated from the first to the last song. Absolutely a crazy live performance we will never forget.

- Tell us a funny story that happened in studio or on stage.
When we recorded the album at the mushroom studio the "butt" breaks were boycotted by the Rooster Nello who promptly prevented us from leaving the studio as if he wanted to call us to order to complete the recordings. The studio with a unique and truly warm atmosphere is immersed in the woods in a truly amazing landscape rich in fauna, including the now famous rooster Nello who watched over our performance!

- A musician you would like to meet for a beer?

Without thinking if alive or dead? definitely Lemmy ... to follow Slash, Sebastian Bach, Joke of HardCore SuperStar, Bon Jovi, Alice Cooper, Bruce Dickinson, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin and so on and so forth ... in short, all are welcome for a beer!!!

- What would you ask for backstage, if you were the most important band on earth?

Nothing so amazing... just food, beer, red wine, whiskey and maybe a nice comfy sofa!

- What are your plans for the near future?
Working on new songs and also on a good acoustic repertoire and ... above all ... open the doors to play everywhere and share our music with an increasingly vast and different audience.

Giovanni Gagliano

Passionate about music I wrote my first article for "Given To Rock" in 2012, reaching now 30K global followers. I am also a musician, gigging around London.

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