Riqi Harawira - E rere ai (fly away)

Riqi Harawira has performed on stages with some of the biggest acts, like Pearl Jam and Guns N' Roses, to mention a couple.

Over the course of his career, the former Dead Flowers main guitarist and co-songwriter has worked with many Kiwi acts, including Kings, Stellar, DLT, Che Fu, and Dam Native. Mori fusion musician Riqi Harawira is a guitar prodigy with a smooth baritone vocal range. Riqi also has the character and knowledge to make his music and words resonate with listeners.

This is his new single, called E rere ai (fly away), which is a poem about love, dreams, and wishes that Riqi and his companion Floss (who is seen in the music video) wrote. They are a Maori/Pakeha mixed couple who are profoundly in love with one another and who believe in the concept of an equal union created in aroha (love) and respect despite coming from different backgrounds and cultures. This song, which is played live with a full band, is a gentle rock number with some pop elements. Riqi frequently plays his guitar, and the background is provided by some lovely, protracted organ chords. 

The music video of E rere ai (fly away) is a pleasure to watch as it shows the natural beauty and amazing landscapes of New Zealand and the music goes well in harmony with the images. The performance of Riqi is amazing and I really love the solos, if I have to choose just one aspect, both in terms of performance and sound. The song is really soothing, well performed and with a great sound. I recommend clicking on the YouTube video below. 

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