Wheel release Rumination EP; on tour with Apocalyptica next week

Anglo-Finnish progressive metallers Wheel are pleased to present the ‘Rumination’ EP, a new 3-track collection the band recorded earlier this year. Listen & download here: https://wheelband.lnk.to/Rumination-EP

The have already released two tracks from the EP, and today you can listen to the third and final track ‘Impervious’. The band comment: “'Impervious' is a song about the remarkable resilience of some modern politicians who get caught in scandal after scandal and lie after lie,yet continue to have a career and (at least some) public approval. 

A lot of bands shy away from stating their political opinions these days as the rhetoric tends to be pretty toxic, but we want to call out bullshit where we see it: politicians should not be above the law but in many cases, it seems that they are. The chorus of the song was a chance to vent some of my frustration about this.

Just to be clear - this is not an attack on our audience and whatever political side they feel like they belong to - it is a sincere desire to see the most influential and powerful figures in our society held to the same laws and standards as everybody else. 

Although it doesn't always feel like it, we need to remember that we are not against each other, we are against them.” 

The tracklisting is as follows, and you can listen to each individual track below:

‘Blood Drinker’: https://youtu.be/bGNTUS43ZBA

‘Synchronise’: https://youtu.be/uNeRmyjtsQ4

‘Impervious’: https://youtu.be/-1Oo-WQB5i4 

The band will join Apocalyptica in Finland in next week, before hooking up with them again in Europe in early 2023. The band add on the tour: “It has been years since we have played so many shows in Finland and we are all excited to get back out to cities we played back in 2019 like Oulu and Tampere, and to visit places we have never played in outside of festivals, such as Seinajoki and Kuopio. 

Of course, we are all stoked to finally be playing a show in our home town (Helsinki) too, as outside of Tuska Festival earlier this year, we haven't played here since before Covid!

As always, it is a pleasure to get to tour with our friends in Apocalyptica and to hear them play a few more times before the end of the year. They are one hell of a band and you should come and see them (and us) at your earliest opportunity”

For the full list of dates, head over to http://wheelband.net/

Following the bands powerful debut album ‘Moving Backwards’ in 2019, they returned in 2021 with the punchy ‘Resident Human’, a record that was packed with vivid vistas of expanding and contracting sounds, whilst honing the bands intensity into something compelling and energetic. The band capped off 2021 supporting Leprous across Europe on their anniversary tour, with extensive live plans in place throughout the rest of 2022 and into 2023, when they will release their third studio album. 

WHEEL are:

James Lascelles (Vocals/Guitar)

Santeri Saksala (Drums)

Aki ‘Conan’ Virta (Bass)

Jussi Turunen (Lead Guitar) 

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