Kasey Lee Rogers - Let It Play

Let It Play is the title of an original honky-tonk outlaw country song by Kasey Lee Rogers from Marion, Illinois. This song was produced by cosmic-country guitar slinger Daniel Donato and recorded in Nashville, Tennessee at the legendary Sound Emporium. 

Let It Play is just plain fun honky-tonk country and I really like aspects like the general performance and the production (also the pace and the mood), which makes the song really enjoyable from start to finish. The vocals are spotless and there is a very interesting solo section as well in the middle of the song, amazingly arranged. If you like the genre, I really recommend clicking on the song. I enjoyed it so much that I put it on top of my Americana / Folk Playlist. 

Also, don't forget to follow Kasey Lee Rogers if you like what you hear.

Giovanni Gagliano

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