Lucas Day - Right Where I Needed You

Growing up in Adelaide, Australia, Lucas Day began his musical career by performing covers for half-dressed patrons at front bars throughout South Australia's pubs. His personal journal evolved into a collection of lyrics after he started creating songs, and his guitar served as a means of learning about heartbreak, self-discovery, and hopeless optimism.

With four home recordings included in his first release, "Knots," Lucas gave listeners a glimpse into his literary style and funky acoustic blues riffs. This was a raw and sincere look into the beginning of his artistic journey. His first EP was followed by Now Later, an acoustic guitar-driven ode to the forward-thinking procrastinators of the would. Take a trip and listen to the story of Now Later, a reflection of his quarter-life crisis where all he had was change in his pockets and music on his strings. His versatile foot drum skills, live looping, and singer/songwriter flare bring the concept of a one-man band to entirely new levels when performed live.

This is his new single, called Right Where I Needed You. I really like the pace and the mood of the song, with funky and catchy riffs, a dynamic rhythm section and inspired vocals. The sound is perfect for the genre and the arrangement is also tasty with keyboard inserts, giving the song more character and also a retro taste. This is a very cool song, amazingly produced and performed, give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and don't forget to follow Lucas Day on social media as well.
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