By Enrico Spinelli

Neil Young is like that, he decides to release a record and releases it, even two if necessary; then having aside so much material he can afford to do what he wants. And so, a few months after the publication of the good "Toast", Neil Young return with Crazy Horse with this new album "World record" which is a work spread over 2 CDs for....47 minutes!! Yes, I know, it leaves us puzzled, but the truth is that the subdivision on the 2 CDs wants to recall the one on vinyl, and here the second disc represents the third side of a 33 rpm. 

Saying that, what do we find in this new, yet another album by the American singer-songwriter? Nothing more and nothing less than a classic Neil Young album, the same ingredients, the same substance, the same mix of country/rock ballads, like the opener "Love earth", the more powerful "Overhead" and "The Wonder Won't Wait" (easy to grasp and immediate), the similar epic "I Walk With You", even the unlikely suite of turn, "Chevrolet" which says it all in 5 minutes but, "hey, why not make it last 15?!"

In short, folks, this is an album in the tradition of our dear uncle Neil, perhaps there won't be a trace of it in a "best of" album that will come out in 20 years perhaps, but for now it's a good listen that won't make you change your opinion on Neil Young. If you like Neil Young you will enjoy this "World record" and those who don't like him, well, this certainly won't make them change their mind... for everyone else, instead, it's better to try some historical work first.

Giovanni Gagliano

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