Top 10: Best songs of 2022

Here we are talking about my first 2022 selection. This is about my favourite songs of the year, while the next top 10 will be about my favourite albums. Regarding this one, I loved (and I still do) many songs released this year, so it's not easy as I left so many songs that I loved a lot.

Let's get started now. If you don't see the song, click on the title and a link will open in another tab. 

10) Muse - Won't stand down
I really liked the first single by Muse and after listening to this one and I had many expectations for the album, that unfortunately, wasn't in the style of this vibrant Won't stand down. Anyway, this is a great song to me. A little pop, yes, but with a great chorus and very inspired.

This is a strange one: a pure thrash metal song by Tom Morello, yes, the guitar player from Rage against the machine and who also played for Bruce Springsteen. Machinery of torment is taken from the Netflix film "Metal lords", and it's been on my mind since I've seen the movie. A super catchy thrash metal song, exactly. I recommend the movie as well, if you are looking for something new to watch.

I really like the latest album by Ghost, Impera (spoiler alert, you will see it on the best albums of 2022 chart), and this is the opener of the album (after an intro). I really like the pace and I find it almost addictive, and I've been listening to this song for months.

7) Skid Row - Time bomb
A song from one of my favourite Hard rock bands of all time? About time (bomb). I love "Time bomb", its spirit and its super catchy riffs and chorus, with superb vocal lines. Welcome back Skid Row!

What a sound! And what a singer! Yes, this is Glenn Hughes singing, 71 years old, sounding more fresh and powerful than lots of 30 years old out there. This is probably my favourite song by The dead daisies too.

Do you want a spectacular (and sort of romantic) instrumental track? Look no further, this is Andy Timmons and his always inspired 6 strings and this is by far my favourite instrumental track of the year. Click on the title to listen to this spectacular song.

4) Rival sons - Nobody wants to die
Not a fan of the band but with "Nobody wants to die" was love at a first listen. Great lyrics, great sound and in general, a super vibrant and catchy song. I love this one. If you don't know it, give it a chance by clicking on the video below, you won't be disappointed.

Spotify told me that this is the track I've listened to the most this year and I'm not surprised at all. What I'm surprised by is the name Ugly Kid Joe as this song sounds very different from what I remembered the band for. Killer track, sort of power ballad, I love it and I never get tired of listening to it. 

More than Hard Rock, the genre of the Swedish band, this one brings me back to 80s Heavy Metal (don't know why, something by Dio). Furious track, by far my favourite one taken from their latest album Force Majeure, If you like fast tempo songs, give it a go!

1) Alter bridge - Pawn & Kings
The title track of the latest Alter bridge album is simply what I want to hear from the band: epic, with lots of variations and with a spectacular performance by the band, the usual amazing riffing by Tremonti and simply pure inspiration from Myles Kennedy. Pawn & Kings would definitely be in my personal top 10 of the band, give it a go and click on the video below.

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