Edoardo Castellano - Guess What?

Edoardo Castellano, an Italian guitarist and songwriter, received a degree in guitar performance from Berklee College of Music before earning a master's degree in modern guitar at the Italian Conservatory of Pescara. His sound is mostly influenced by rock music, while it also incorporates elements of blues, funk, and pop music.

I really like his new single, called "Guess What?", which, first of all sounds great and if you are a guitar player, you will find lots of interesting stuff (I love the prog elements!). This is an entirely instrumental piece, with a great video, a superb main riff and the song is very enjoyable from start finish, amazingly performed by Edoardo Castellano. This is the first single of the forthcoming album "Primal Instinct" which is going to be made of 10 hard-rock instrumental tracks. 

Give it a go and don't forget to follow him on social media as well.

Giovanni Gagliano

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