Frail's new single is a sister song to the band's previous song "Save A Life Tonight"

Frail's latest single release "Kiss Goodbye" is a combination of bouncy metal, rock and disco. The single is the third release from Frail's upcoming full-length album to be released in 2023. Frail's previous singles "Save a Life Tonight" and "Children of Depravity" have received positive attention both in Finland and abroad - for example in the form of radio play and playlist places provided by Spotify.

Brutal irony of fate

Kiss Goodbye is written by Lari Launonen, the previous member of the Frail band, and Tarmo Kellomäki, the singer-songwriter of Frail.

"Kiss Goodbye" is a really old song that is built of 2 songs of my good friend and ex-Frail member Lari Launonen and one chorus made by me. Before going to the studio, the current band got the idea to combine the absolutely killer riff that was in the second song with the actual "main" song. The whole thing turned out so great that we dared to ask Mozart Launonen for permission. Clearly he wasn’t that delighted about the idea at first." laughs Tarmo Kellomäki.

Kellomäki and Launonen are united not only by the song's production, but also by its theme - death. "Kiss Goodbye" tragically became a sister track to Frail's previous single "Save A Life Tonight".

"Where Frail's previous single "Save a Life Tonight" dealt with the fear of losing a loved one with an angry and sad touch, "Kiss Goodbye" tackles the theme with a more hopeful approach - even though the subject of the song's narration passes away. The songs are also connected by my and Lari's own real-life experiences. While my child survived a heart disease, Lari's son did not. Lari has openly and publicly dealt with his family's story, and I won't go into it any deeper. However, it can be said that there is a downright brutal irony of fate in the ensemble formed by the songs." continues Kellomäki.

Dancing in the midst of sadness

Musically, "Kiss Goodbye" strongly takes the listener into the world of post-grunge, nu-metal and disco-rock of the 21st century. In the disco rhythm of the song's chorus, there are hints of the dance-punk greatness of Panic at the Disco! - band, while the rest of the song is about bouncy American rock.

"At live shows, this song has made the gang swing their hips nicely. For me, music is a strong physical experience, and that's why it's great to play this song live. In the theme part, one bounces heavily and in the chorus, on dances. Despite the dark theme of the song, it contains a hopeful view of the future and therefore this dance fits the whole thing well. It's like dancing in the midst of sadness." Kellomäki thinks.

Music video

A music video for the song "Kiss Goodbye" has also been released, which showcases the band's energy similar to its live performances. The video was filmed during the band's playing rehearsals in authentic rehearsal facilities in Jyväskylä, Finland.

Check the music video:
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Frail is:
Tarmo Kellomäki - song
Joel Hekkala - guitars
Otto Kulhomäki - bass
Jussi Järvi - drums

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