IGGY POP - Every Loser

The 19th studio album from the godfather of punk Iggy Pop shows that he is still going strong.

"Every Loser," is his debut release on Andrew Watt's Gold Tooth Records. His 2019 album, "Free," was completely different from this one. While "Every Loser" contains some themes that are still personal, it also takes a musical change, transporting listeners to Pop's early, primitive punk days.

The episodes I like the most about the album are the fast ones. The pace and madness of the opener and first single "Frenzy", "Neo Punk" and especially "Modern Day Rip Off", probably my favourite of the entire album for its crazy spirit. What I like about the album is also the alternance between old style tunes (the punky ones) and more relaxed episodes like "Strung Out Johnny" (very good), "New Atlantis", "Morning show" and also something in the middle (and a little more elaborated) like the final track, "The regency", very inspired and definitely in my personal top 3. Not a big fan of the song comments, honestly, not my cup of tea and my skip track, if I have to choose one.

Iggy Pop has been on the scenes basically forever and he is now 75, albums like "Every Loser" are little miracles to me. Long live Iggy.

Rating 70/100
Top tracks: "Frenzy", "Modern Day Rip Off", "The regency"
Skip track: "Comments"

01. Frenzy
02. Strung Out Johnny
03. New Atlantis
04. Modern Day Rip Off
05. Morning Show
06. The News For Andy
07. Neo Punk
08. All The Way Down
10. My Animus Interlude
11. The Regency

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