Interview - Overhate

1) Bio
We formed back in 2003. We have done 3 records, toured all of our country and a bit abroad. Now we are preparing some new material and are planning to go on tour abroad again. We love thrash metal music. 

2) Line up
Giancarlo Vettor: guitar / vocals
Samir Acosta: bass/backing vocals.
Oswaldo Contramaestre: guitars.
Ronald Del Aguila: Drums.

3) We sound like
A killing machine very hungry for blood. Oh, musically speaking? a thrash/death metal band, with progressive touches and some clean vocals.

4) Discography
God in a trench.
Relentless is our Strength
New Beginnings are Met

5) Influences
To save some space, all of thrash metal, death metal, black metal and grindcore, plus some other assorted musical tastes. Definitely old thrash/death metal albums are what still drives the passion, but for sure there are some records that have tagged me for sure as a musician. Nowadays the experiences I go through are the engine for this. It just happens that it gives fuel to the fire, in order to keep the killer riffage coming!

6) What do you write about?
Social, political issues, there are also some though full songs, about life a bit, and also there are a bit of songs that go by the spiritual side of things. It just depends.

7) Your favourite live performance so far?
‘Relentless is our Strength’s’ showcase, that was my favorite I have to say.

8) Tell us a funny story that happened in studio or on stage.
Once we played a ‘Battle of the bands’ because we wanted to be the ‘metal’ side of the festival. It all went well, but when the verdict was due everybody was chanting the name of the band and the jury gave the win to another one, and a glass full of whisky flew and landed on his face. I still laugh at that memory a lot.

9) Your favourite records?
There are a lot, but I’d say Kreator’s ‘Coma of Souls’, Metallica’s ‘Master of Puppets’, Slayer’s ‘Season in the abyss’, Cannibal Corpse’s ‘The Bleeding’ and Morbid Angel’s ‘Covenant’ are some of my very favorite records.

10) A musician you would like to meet for a beer.
Definitely: King Diamond!

11) What will you ask backstage if you were the most important band on earth?
I think that being important or not wouldn’t change what you need backstage, which is good food and beers. And of course good company, which is likely to happen every time!

Enjoy our music!
IG: @overhateband

Giovanni Gagliano

Passionate about music I wrote my first article for "Given To Rock" in 2012, reaching now 30K global followers. I am also a musician, gigging around London.

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