Song of the day: Ben Walsh - Home

Ben Walsh created a breakthrough with his debut single, "She Gives Me Love," which was recorded in conjunction with Award-winning Producer James Nagel in San Francisco. The song became well-known on American radio after peaking at number 10 on the charts and receiving airplay on college and community radio stations all over the country. Additionally, it peaked at number five on the iTunes top 100, lasted nine days atop the singer/songwriter chart on the platform, and most recently took the top place on the Australian regional radio chart.

His most recent song, "Home," is the result of a 7000-mile distant collaboration with amazing musicians from the US and Ireland, all of whom were brought together once more with the aid of Grammy Award-winning producer James Nagel. I really like the mood of the song (which reminds me of early Rolling Stones) and "Home" is very enjoyable from start to finish, with great vocals, soloing guitars and a solid rhythm section. The song has a very good sound too, give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and follow Ben Walsh on social media as well.

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