The Mörkret - The Seed of Hate

The Mörkret is a Swedish hard rock band that blends the instantly identifiable sound of Mustasch, Mastodon and Ghost with unassuming simplicity. There is warmth and familiarity in their darkness, with powerful melodic components to welcome a wider audience.

This is their new song, called The Seed of Hate. The lyrics are about a haunting story and vengeance and the mood is very dark, with a bass line in good evidence, at the beginning of the song. The vocals are intense but relaxed during the verse to explode in a very catchy and intense chorus. Overall, the performance of the band is spot on, with dynamic and technical drums and guitars with a fantastic sound (check also the guitar solo!). Fantastic tune, give it a go by clicking on the Spotify link below and don't forget to follow The Mörkret on social media.

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