FOO FIGHTERS' guitarist CHRIS SHIFLETT Releases New Single 'Black Top White Lines'

CHRIS SHIFLETT is seasoned punk rocker. Member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Singer of rock and Americana. contemporary guitar hero Chris Shiflett has blurred the lines between genre and generation for more than 25 years by juggling his full-time band obligations with a flourishing solo career. Shiflett has been a longtime member of the Foo Fighters and has contributed significantly to defining the style and reach of contemporary rock music. Additionally, he is a former member of the California-based punk rock groups Me First and the Gimme Gimmes and No Use For a Name. The most recent works by Shiflett refocus his efforts on a blend of country twang and rock & roll bang, showcasing the breadth of his musical skills.

Jaren Johnston (The Cadillac Three) and John Osborne (Brothers Osborne), two of Nashville's best rock-influenced-country musicians, collaborated with Shiflett on his most recent single, "Black Top White Lines" . The three writers continued adding lines to their draught until the plot was organised. Shiflett teases, "Thematically it felt like it turned a classic Country trope on its head a little," without giving away the conclusion. 

The debut single from a brand-new Chris Shiflett album is called "Black Top White Lines," and it will be released in 2023. The song is amazingly produced and it's different from what we are use to listen from Chris' guitar as the genre is very different from the Foo Fighters, in between Americana and classic rock. The song is very energetic and Chris proves that he is able to sing. The riffs are very inspired and there are a couple of brilliant solos as well. Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and don't forget to follow CHRIS SHIFLETT on social media.


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