John Fishell - Vampyr / Namaste (On Your Way to Hell)

Since completing his studies in music composition at James Madison University, John Fishell has been honing his craft as a talented singer and songwriter. He has performed in a range of venues, from small clubs to theatres, both solo acoustically and with a full band. John gives every performance he does his absolute best.

With album credits for jazz (David Liebman, Mike Stern, Joe Lovano, Ravi Coltrane), world music (Deepak Ram), rock, and more, John is also a skilled engineer and producer (Earth to Andy, Warner Bros., Ryan M. Brewer). With brief breaks to continue working with emerging artists, John has committed to finishing his own album project.

This one below is called "Namaste (On Your Way to Hell)" and it's an anti-Trump rock and roll song with a GIANT nod to AC/DC. The song starts with a dark bass line and a guitar gets more and more into the song. The song clearly reminds me of Ac/dc with a super catchy vocal line and tasty riffs and solos. If you are into the genre, give it a go, by clicking on the Spotify player below.

This is a new one, called "Vampyr", which is an angry song about an ex. I really like the pace and the mood and the backing vocals bring me of the 80s. The song is amazingly performed and it's very enjoyable from start to finish. It features a very catchy chorus, tasty and technical guitar riffs/solo, and a great production too. Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and don't forget to follow John Fishell on social media as well.


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