The Lancasters - Standard Family Size, the new album

This album's topic moves between several personalities descriptions that we wanted to focus on. Liza, Izaiah, Little Suzie, the burglar in ‘The Runner’, Odessa the seer, a worker in ‘Fired’ and so on. The concept itself is full of controversial and hilarious meanings which bring the bad of each of these characters into the shape of a social nucleus, as if it was a family with thirteen members, not that standard size at all. At the very beginning of the LP the journey starts with the most optimistic character speaking through the lyrics strong as it appears in ‘No Ice Cubes in My Bourbon’ (Joey). It all ends up with the last and most vexed genius Galileo, pushed to abjure by those who need to keep people in fear suitable for government control over society. Led Zeppelin, Jeff Beck Group, Rolling Stones, Kinks, MC5, Neil Young mixed up with sharp words kept in a strong and saturated vocal midrange are the ingredients that make up the LP.

Retro Vox Records will release 'Standard Family Size' on LP and digital platforms on March 10th. Find digital preorders at Bandcamp HERE.



Dave (Davide Chiari) kickstarted the Lancasters project releasing a whopping nine debut tracks with Fred (Federico Mariotto) on drums and Steve (Stefano Vanoni) on bass. The project was founded to honour the purity and freedom of the rock wave that shook England between 1969 and 1971 and to achieve the sweet syncretism of the simplicity and the volumetric and rhythmic-obsessive impact that this very type of rock was known for Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Weed, Orang Utan, Rory Gallagher, Jeff Beck: all Gods who spun Dave’s turntable dry. These artists’ LPs fuelled the bout of inspiration behind the band’s first songs. Federico and Stefano were drawn into the project’s gravitational force and, as relentlessly lustful lovers of this music, became arteries of the band. The first eponymous LP (Fuzzy Cracklins Presents, Oakland CA) and singles (Rivertale Records, IT) were released between 2019 and 2022 in the US and Europe. In 2021, the band gained a new member: Khoti (Andrea Cotelli). And with him came mighty guitar power. The second LP is due out in 2023.



1. No Ice Cubes in My Bourbon
2. The Runner (VIDEO)
3. Little Suzie
4. Magic James
5. Isaiah
6. Odessa
7. Kaigenrei
8. Fired
9. Buy
10. Liza
11. Pancho, the Brave
12. Lady Luck Is on My Side
13. Galileo



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